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Santa Jack


About Santa Jack

Santa Jack is a professional "real beard" Santa Claus for hire in and around the Houston, Texas who has dedicated his life to bringing joy to children of all ages bringing smiles to children's faces, and love and joy to their hearts.  Santa Jack has attended formal Santa School, participates in national Santa events, and has custom-made suits of the finest quality.  Santa's custom suits include the traditional Santa Claus (Miracle on 34th Street style), the Legendary Coca-Cola style, Old World style, Texan, as well as a festive Christmas vest for really warm situations.  The custom Santa Chair can also be used at your event and like all of Santa Jack's outfits, is custom made and authentic.  If you are in the Houston area and would like Santa brighten up your event or arrange a special visit, please use our booking tool or contact us.

Santa Jack is available for:

  • Home Santa Visits

  • Christmas Parties & Events

  • Public Events

  • Charity Functions

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Contact Santa Jack

Please EMAIL to book

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